Hi! Thanks for visiting the ‘About’ page.

About me, huh? Ok, well, I’m a photographer. That much should be fairly self-explanatory. I’ve got a fancy certification that costs a bunch of cash to prove that I’m capable of using my camera – AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer, to be exact, so that’s nice.


This is me, naked. Isn’t that how everybody wants to meet someone for the first time? I generally do my best to remain clothed when shooting, as I’ve gathered that it’s considered poor form to do otherwise.
For those interested, there’s a tutorial on how I created this image in the tutorials section of this site.

(photo credit: Me!)

Alternatively, this is me with clothes on, looking all serious:

Me(photo credit: Black Sunshine Photographs)

I take photos of people, mostly, and then muck about with them in Photoshop, or not, depending on what sort of mood I’m in.

People are, to me, the most interesting of subjects because they respond to photographs of themselves. A musty old church doesn’t feel a bit better about itself when you show it a beautiful photo that you took of it.
My personal measure of success as a photographer is to see delight in the eyes of my subject when I show them a picture I’ve taken of them.


That’ll do, I think. I mean, who reads the ‘About’ section anyway? I could pretty much write whatever I want in here and nobody would notice.


Justin Bieber. There. See? You read that and now you’re offended. I’m not sorry.